We are a friendly client and staff focused company looking for reliable and professional people to join our homecare team in Gloucestershire. A willingness to help others is our foundation - we look for people who first of all are seeking to alter and improve the lives of those who are in need. The job involves looking after elderly and disabled people in their own homes, assisting them with personal care, cleaning, shopping and etc.

The working hours vary, but the typical business day starts from 7:00 am finishes at 10:00 pm. An employee has the option of adjusting job hours and the time of day or night in which they wish to work in depending on their availability.

 In order for you to perform the job as well as possible, we provide extensive training  with many opportunities for personal development. As of the training, experience is desirable but not essential.

For further information please email: or call: 07800842430 

(Landline: 01684439564)